Of Unknown Lands

The stork was coloured white, its feathers were smooth and glossy as it stood larger than the average height; standing out among his peers. The tips of its wings were black and they were spread out, open; feeling the cool breeze of wind against the feathered overall of its body. Its beak was coloured a bright and outstanding sheen of orange and so was its legs. They too were in the air, but with a controlled dangling motion they jerked every now and then.
Wispy clouds motion pass the mobile stork and its head was locked on. To where? It too did not know. It just flew; past snowy and green mountains; clear and murky lakes, occasionally resting. The seas crashed against the lines of beaches and the motion pulled, and pushed. It was travelling to a location that was bound to be paradise, it concluded.
The beauty of the scenery that it had flown by, and perhaps rested in between was beautiful. Untouched nature as a very rare diamond in the rough. Unpolished and bound to be found by the humanoid creatures that were common in its land, the stork thought. Nature’s instincts took over and the thought vanished without a trace. ‘Focus, we have yet to arrive.’
The stork submitted unquestioningly to the unknown ‘voice’. Silently, but with presence, the bird flapped its wings as far as they could carry. With the exception of rest, meals and the arrival of an unknown land.
Throughout the journey, the stork had experienced many troubles. Smooth journeys were rare as predators lurked, hidden, every now and then. A chase of life and death would follow; yet, the self-less being paid no mind. Instincts, which was all it had and should have.
The unnoticeable crown that had laid adorned on its snowy white head grew brighter each day. It glowed and flashed a brief rainbow colour and its clear, brown eyes brightened. ‘Not yet,’ the leech of a conscious said, ‘not yet’. Below was nature’s smoothened plains and a field of grass grew visible. They were untamed; ever-growing trees reached out to the skies as they tilted towards the position to the glaring sun.
Living beings labelled by the names ‘lions’ and ‘antelope’ were plentiful. The weight of the breath-taking scenery intensified as gravity suddenly increased. It was intense when the stork had a sudden realisation of the increase of its heartbeat. ‘Thump, thump, thump’; the former soothing and rhythmic beat disappeared, and only the feeling of great accomplishment remained.
Through rains and storms, lightless skies and a warm yet cool day, for days and weeks it travelled. Despite the raging need to land, it was still not time. Sooner, closer, now a lake took appearance. The lakes were untouched whereupon fish swam in numerous schools. Many predators such as ‘crocodiles’ lurked.
The scent of home was embraced by the child of Mother Nature. What came next was the view of its own kind and they too came in groups. Of flocks. Tiny bickers and calls echoed throughout the entire area. The loudest bunch was the most comfortable one to the ever-lonely stork because only the unknown voice had accompanied it and the bird had long tired of its presence.
The crown atop its head now shined its brightest, informing its peers of its joy. They too responded with equal enthusiasm and the gleeful group now looked like a bunch on half-lit stars. Lighting up the area like the setting sun. It was magnificently large, be it green lands or clear water. The scent of earth soaked the space and sounds of the stork’s brothers and sisters squabbled with life. An unknown entity’s activity had died down and its voice was no longer heard in the depths of the bird’s mind. In a nonchalant matter, the stork settled down with unbridled feathers and its journey ended. Suddenly, a faint glow penetrated the source of peace and an animalistic figure took place.
A magnificent scene incomparable to anything- from the snowy white bird’s eyes- took place. Space was ripped apart and the area around it was warped in a circular motion. Paradise was close; ‘move, take flight. The landing is not now, not yet.’ The [Unknown] took voice yet again. Wings spread out, like a ritualistic dance of glowing fairies, but this time with company, they took off. Following.

Once upon a Night time’s Dream

I had a dream last night that I do not wish to forget. While it’s still half fresh and vague in my memories, I wish to record it down.
The dream took place in a space the size of a basketball court. There were entrances and exits in the shape of doors, I presumed it was a hall. Where I stood, accompanied with me was a dear partner. A wolf, to be specific. He, I naturally knew. He was far to precious to be an ‘it’. Like a family member, like a lover. His value was that of an equal. He had greyish fur, with streaks of white and black. Large paws, and a tuff of extra fur on his neck. His tail swished side by side gently as he accompanied me.
He was the most beautiful creature that I’d ever known, and the most gentle one. But deep down, I somehow knew, that this beautiful creature would be willing to sacrifice his gentleness and purity into cruelty instead, for my sake. I pat him, and his tail swished harder, side be side. Just by being in his presence, I am calmed and happy.
A man of a large stature came up to us. Taking note, he looked muscular, buff and more brawl then brains. He wore leather like pants and no shirt. Revealing the muscle and abbs underneath. Before me he stood, smiling. The man was taller than me so I had to look up. He asked a battle. The dream as I’d say was vague, for the nest moment then, I was in battle. His partner was another animal which I do not recall.
He had harmed my beloved’s front paw and it was paralysed. Even so, my partner continued on, dragging the said paw along. It was bleeding, his face would scrunch up in every step. An obvious sign of pain. I gave him words of encouragement, in the end, my partner had won but my heart was bleeding.
We then took shelter in forest nearby. Forestry was plentiful and various shades of green surrounded us. A tinge of golden could be seen from a vague spot within a tree where sunlight had shun in. The smell of earth was sharp and where we sat was on a soft patch of grass. Different from the ones that would irritate you with its shark like leaves instead. The sound of crickets and birds alike sounded echoes after echoes throughout the said forest.

We were alone again. And I hugged him, as if the world was as its end and I would never ever accept a parting between us and warm tears kicked in. Sobbing, I nuzzled into his neck. It hurt so bad, it was as if gravity had intensified in my body, my organs were all messed up. With grinding teeth and pressured lungs I cursed myself for my nativity and inconsideration. I could hardly think straight then with such chaos in mind. If one was made of glass, just who would be able to piece him or her up again? I hugged my beloved even harder, he looked forward. Proudly, confidently, he had won and I had no need to be so sad. He licked my tear stained face. My eyes were blurry, my brain was hardly functioning. The anxiety, fear, pain and worry was finally kicking in.
Thank God, thank God, thank you. I’m sorry. I thought. And I think he understood for he had closed his eyes and nuzzled with me furthermore

A Literal Early Morning Bedtime Story #3

V had often thought of the upbringings of various children. Examples be ones she had seen across the street or by the road. She would observe them and their actions throughout the moment. The expressive or indifferent expressions they make or Maybe even the small callouses on their fingers. Their breathing rhythm, a twitch of their lips or maybe even their heartbeats. V has seen and heard them all. 

The upbringing or simply yet, their environment. A child’s environment is possibly the most essential and compulsory ingredient to a child’s growth. It matters not what they eat or drink, but how they were raised that decides the potential to their future. A good upbringing of an environment often brought delights out of one. An unpleasant environment may have a child scorned by even him or herself. 

But then, what about those that were raised become contradiction to their upbringing? Why was it that although one could have an environment filled with honour and pleasantries still turn out bad? V couldn’t quite put her finger or rather, mind to it. 

Boy A was raised well. Said child had good food and drinks to consume. A comfortable shelter to stay in and protected him from the sun, wind and rain. He was taught the ideal manners and etiquette from a young age and praise was often showered upon him. He had proper education to discern the right from wrong and brought honour to his home. Justice was always present in his presence. Yet, he had ended up a serial killer. Why? Was it the pressure or maybe even the curiosity that had brought him to where he was now? Was it? 

It was a fleeting discussion Of a thought that V had brought upon her mind as a way to relief her apparent boredom. Unconsciously, she had indulged in it. Her claims were vague and she couldn’t express her intentions well even although they were in her mind itself. A mind where everything was possible. Truly, how did people think before the forming of words.

A quick glance was aimed at her younger brother whose head was tilted unto her shoulder. His steady breaths brought upon calmness into her unsteady heart. A brief, blooming smile was presented on her face and she thought. Thought she did.

A Literal Early Morning Bedtime Story #2 

*sees wording <share your story here>*

*nods* *losses all motivation*

– – –

Cool breezes carrass the children’s faces as they are on their way to the mental hospital. Despite the air-conditioning provided, the truck’s layer of sheet that protected them from the sun had few rips and tears here and there. Resulting in the night wind.

Code name: Saturn, sits leaning against the walls of the truck like any of the other children. J and V glance at each other and they give out a small giggle. They found the arrangement of seats funny in a way. The events around it entertained their short attention span. Saturn had his metal rings surrounding him as usual. Beside him was a girl. She too went by a codename given by the pair of siblings. Codename: Mutterer.

Mutterer, ahem…. As her name says, mutters. A lot. She was talking to herself to be specific and it was slightly disturbing to the pair of siblings. Said girl had a dark atmosphere to her but had a face contradicting the air around her. A pair of deep and sorrowful eyes that could pierce into one’s soul was gifted to her. Although sorrow was not what a girl should be born with (it was most likely given or gained the siblings thought), it was without a doubt, beautiful.

Slightly plump lips the colour of peach accompanied those deep, abyss eyes. She had a fair complexion and a sharp nose. Long and glossy black hair grew from her scalp. Her facial featured were sharp and an unsaid appearance of beauty was told. She held the appearance of a broken doll.

Said girl was currently trying to tamper with the metal rings around Saturn. She had tightly gripped and  pulled on the rings but it was tightly secured and wouldn’t move whatsoever. She gently touched it and felt the cool metal on her fingertips. V and J were professionals in facial expressions and they could’ve sworn that the Mutterer was actually considering on gnawing on the metal substance. Saturn on the other hand was peacefully asleep and unaware of the hyena like look the broken muttering doll was giving his rings.

Thus, the children between the ages of 12 and 14, continue their journey.

A Literal Early Morning Bedtime Story #1

So it starts with a classic once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there lived a pair of siblings. The 2 siblings consisted of a girl, and a boy. The elder sister had went by the name of V and the younger brother in the other hand by J. Now, the 2 siblings were currently dozing off in the dark environment they were in. Not that it made any sense in the first place but the 2 of them were currently in a truck. Not a red one, but a green one. Similar to those of that in the army.

The location that they were predestined to was a rather far one. The journey itself took 8 hours by motored  wheels (cars, motorcycles and trucks basically). With only 3 breaks in between and 1 measly brunch. (Yes, it’s for the convenience) It was torturous. Not that the children minded it. The hot sun glared sharply unto the truck, but the light had failed to reach the children. Reason being they were at the boot of the lorry, which was sheltered and spacious. Air conditioning was provided, thankfully. (This is seriously getting draggy)

To arrive there by plane would indeed be easier thought the older sister. Her brother, reading her like an open book said:” but sis, our destination’s the mental hospital ya know,” “got it” V nodded.

And so, the 2 siblings had continued their journey by truck to the mental hospital. Alongside them were 3 other children. Each heading towards the same destination. All 3 lacked proper names. Their identity and origins were unknown and they were quite gloomy. One even had 3 metal rings surrounding his body. Clenched on his abdomen was the main support. He looked like the planet Saturn, or so did J think.

*Yawn ~*

Glancing north wherever that was from the point of view that was seen, there laid an awfully plain scene. A sofa, brown in colour was locked in sight. The view was not that of an entire sofa but a part of it,

Approximately 3 metres away across the marble floor was the step of stairs. They led up to a second floor no doubt, 10 steps up and an end could be seen. It was expected of course, since one must take a right turn. Else all there will be is a vertical table and a wall awaiting. Forward. Where the wall and table resides, there is a window. The height is not known since it wasn’t measured but it was big.

Back to the sofa. Part of it could be seen. The arm rest to be specific. It was dark brown, decorated by 2 pillows. One smaller than the other. Simple in pattern, springy and soft to the touch. Another view came to sight. A pair of legs. Reason be the person describing it is lying down. Visible feet that lay on the sofa’s arm rest led to the thighs and then whatever is there after the thighs.

Boom clap! The sound of my thighs….. -_-”

… … …